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Sleep & Dreams

All my dreams disappeared what should I do

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If you don't see your dreams in the app anymore, it might be because you were logged out of your account. 

Please go the Settings page, and check that you see a button "Manage account". If you don't see this button, but instead a "Create an account" button, it means that you are indeed logged out. To log back in, press this button, then "Already a member? Sign in", then log in.

Please note that you may have created your account with your email or with your Apple ID. If you can't log in with your email, try pressing the "Sign in with Apple" button.

If you can see the "Manage account" button and you are indeed connected, then there may be another problem which is preventing the app from synchronizing with the server. In this case, please wait a day and see if the problem persists. We are probably aware of the problem and actively working on it. In the meantime, you can keep using the app and writing dreams.

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