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Parter Assisted Lucidity Technique

Parter Assisted Lucidity Technique

The Partner Assisted Lucidity Technique (PAL) is a method for lucid dreaming that uses another person to “kickstart” the prefrontal cortex to "wake it up" while still dreaming. This technique is a powerful social technique that can help induce lucid dreams using the help of someone around you, such as family, or a fellow dream lover. Lucid dreaming is often a lonely pursuit between the dreamer and their dreams, but this method, adds a community element to lucid dream exploration. 

There is a good scientific basis behind the principles of this technique. The pre-frontal cortex, which is active during lucid dreaming, is also involved in the moderation of social interactions. When placed in situations involving social interactions, we are more likely to engage this area of the brain, which can help with lucid dreaming. 

Steps of the PAL technique are as follows:

With the daytime training of the phrase, your mind will be trained to recognize the phrase and do a reality check. Interestingly enough, our senses are still fully functional while asleep, so we can still hear things from the external world, and the sounds will even seep into the dreamscape. You may notice your partner’s voice incorporate into the car radio in your dream or come out of the sky like a God-like narrator.  When you hear the phrase while dreaming, you will notice you are dreaming, and become lucid. This technique becomes easier the more it is practiced with your dream induction partner. 

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