Unlock the Meaning of Your Dreams

Oniri analyzes your dreams, ask you the right questions, and guides you in understanding them.

An introspective process with many benefits

Understanding your dreams have many mental health benefits
Understand yourself
Your dreams are based on your experiences, your beliefs, your personality. They are the best tool to understand yourself.
Process emotions
Analyzing the substance of your dreams can help you process and control your emotions better.
Oniri - Dream App helps in dealing nightmare!
Deal with nightmares
Understanding your dreams helps you deal with recurring nightmares and have a better sleep.
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A science-based approach to dream analysis

There are many ways to look at dreams, and many beliefs around them. While we don’t reject any spiritual interpretation of dreams, our method is only based on psychological and neuroscientific knowledge. In our method, only YOU have the keys to understanding your dreams. Instead of giving you a general interpretation, we help you find your own.

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An interactive method

Our unique interactive method asks the right questions to guide you in analyzing your dreams.

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Advanced statistics

Our advanced algorithms find patterns in your dreams and show you the most relevant data.

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500+ dream meanings

Access hundreds of interpretations to give you a starting point for understanding your dreams.

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Welcome to the World of Your Dreams.
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