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Is It Possible to Dream of the Future?

Is It Possible to Dream of the Future?

As you start to record your dreams, you may notice you dream of the past, and sometimes the future. Maybe you have a Déjà vu moment in which you aren't sure if you dreamt it or not. More connections between your waking life and dreams start to pop up in interesting ways.

 It is quite common to experience a moment in life exactly as you had previously dreamt it. It may be a random insignificant moment or a serious event. Some research suggests up to a third of people report some type of precognitive experience, often in the form of a dream that seemed to come true. Precognitive dreams, in simple terms, are any dreams that give you information about the future you wouldn’t otherwise have. Most of us know what it feels like to experience uncanny feelings of premonition, a flash of insight into the future that seems to have no rational explanation. We often dismiss these feelings as luck or a creepy coincidence, but what you may not know is that there is compelling scientific evidence that backs up the accuracy of at least some of these precognitive experiences. Dreaming of a situation before it occurs can help prepare you for an experience, and control fear.

 President Abraham Lincoln dreamt of his death about a week before he died. He was apparently quite interested in the meaning of dreams and what they have to say about future events both positive and negative. This has left scientists perplexed about the true significance of dream content.

 In 1966, 150 people were killed when waste from a coal mine buried a school in South Wales. Many who had died, as well as other locals, had mentioned dreams and premonitions of dying in the days before.

 Dreams certainly show us our past, and present lives. What about dreams that predict the future; could they be real? Experts still don’t fully understand the potential of dreams and more research is needed on the topic.

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