Mistakes to Avoid While Lucid Dreaming
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December 26, 2022
July 20, 2023

Mistakes to Avoid While Lucid Dreaming

Do you want to experience more consistent lucid dreams? This article goes over some common beginner mistakes that may hold you back from lucid dreaming more often.

Common lucid dreaming mistakes

Entertaining limiting beliefs 

Your subconscious mind registers more than we think, especially what we think about ourselves. If you’ve never experienced a lucid dream, it’s understandable if the whole idea behind it may sound strange or counterintuitive. If you believe it is impossible for you, that will play a role in your experienced reality. When it comes to lucid dreaming, mental confidence goes a long way. The lack of faith in your practice will act as a barrier between you and your lucidity. If you believe that you can have a lucid dream, you will. If you think you are bad at it or it is a waste of time, you will be less likely to become lucid. Cheer yourself on and celebrate small wins! You CAN lucid dream, do not give up!

Waking up too quickly due to excitement

This is a common mistake. It is exciting to become consciously aware in a dream for the first time ever. Nothing will prepare you for the euphoric rush that accompanies your first moment of lucidity. Learning to stabilize the dream is essential for any lucid dreamer. You can do this by rubbing your hands together and focusing all your attention on your physical senses. What can you see, feel, hear and smell in the dream? Focus on colors and textures and ground yourself mindfully in the dream. Do this throughout the dream to stay lucid and prevent the dream from fading away prematurely.  Remind yourself that you're dreaming every minute or so.

Trying to break the illusion of the dream

Although messing with dream characters can be fun, it is important to treat them with respect and compassion. Don't go running around screaming at dream characters "I'M DREAMING, THIS IS ALL FAKE!!!!". Sometimes dreamers report the dream reacting in a scary or negative way when they cause chaos in the dream. Hurting people in your lucid dream for the sake of it only will have an effect on your own psyche. Instead, just stay calm. Smile and let yourself enjoy the experience of lucidity in the calmest way possible.It is better to be a conscious observer than to try to exert your ego onto the dream. 


Just like taking up an instrument or sport, you have to train regularly to achieve your goals. The first few lucid dreams are the hardest. You're mastering a brand new skill, one that does not yet come naturally. Learning to lucid dream does not take much physical energy, but it does require self-discipline. You should record all your dreams, not just the lucid ones. Sometimes we obsess over lucidity that we forget how powerful our dreams are as a whole. If your dream world is forgettable, then even your best lucid dreams will be forgettable too. Good dream recall is an essential foundation of lucid dreaming.


Lucid dreaming on a consistent basis requires a lot of practice so be patient and enjoy the journey of recording your dreams. We have come to expect instant gratification. There is no magic trick that will produce instant lucid dreams. There are countless ways to increase your chances of a lucid dream, but the hard work and mental conditioning has to be there. It takes some trial and error to find what works for you. Some people load up on every technique in the book just for the sake of ticking them off the list. It is better to practice lucid dreaming mindfully and give each technique a solid chance by allowing it time to work.

Letting fear win

Dreams are a thought-responsive environment, where our beliefs and expectations can shape our experiences. It is important not to let fear dictate our thoughts and influence what we anticipate will happen in our dreams. While conducting research can be valuable, it is crucial to approach information with a healthy dose of skepticism. Just because one person had a particular experience does not guarantee the same outcome for everyone. Lucid dreaming is a journey of exploration and experimentation. Unfortunately, there is a plethora of misinformation and fear-mongering circulating online regarding lucid dreaming. It is essential to remember that lucid dreaming is a natural and safe phenomenon.

Amina Mara
Amina is a lucid dreaming expert and the host of The Dream World Podcast.

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