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What Happens if You Ask The Date & Time in a Dream?

What Happens if You Ask The Date & Time in a Dream?

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What Happens if You Ask The Date & Time in a Dream?

 The idea of asking the date and time while lucid has recently gained popularity online. Dream characters may give you an interesting answer and you may notice you are dreaming of a different time period. Many people are saying different things about what may happen when you do this. Although many online videos spread fear for clickbait, saying that doing this can turn the dream into a nightmare, it is important to try things for yourself instead of letting someone’s experience scare you and bring unnecessary fear into your dreamscape. 

When it comes to trying anything while lucid, your thoughts and beliefs play a major role in how the dream will react. If you latch on to other people trying to convince you that the dream will turn scary if you ask this question, it is more likely to happen since you already have a preconceived notion of the reaction. The truth is, lucid dreaming has no solid rules, and some dream are scarier than others. This should not stop you from exploring and experimenting in the dream space. Experimenting with time and space while lucid is a very common and popular thing to do, and it can be very fun and mind-boggling.  

Here are a few answers of people on reddit who managed to ask the date and time in a dream:

In conclusion, dreams can be unpredictable and extraordinary, and each dream is unique. Do not have any solid expectations about what may happen when you ask the date and time, or do anything else in a lucid dream. While hearing about other people’s experiences is insightful, it does not define what your experience will be. Try for yourself next time you realize you are dreaming and write about your experience!


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