What Happens if You Ask the Date & Time in a Dream?
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November 19, 2022
June 2, 2023

What Happens if You Ask the Date & Time in a Dream?

Ever wondered what happens if You ask a dream character for the date & time? Here are some reports from lucid dreamers when they asked this question in a dream.

Hey, what day is it today?

The idea of asking the date and time while lucid has recently gained popularity online. Dream characters may give you an interesting answer and you may notice you are dreaming of a different time period. Many people are saying different things about what may happen when you do this. Although many online videos spread fear for clickbait, saying that doing this can turn the dream into a nightmare, it is important to try things for yourself instead of letting someone’s experience scare you and bring unnecessary fear into your dreamscape. 

When it comes to trying anything while lucid, your thoughts and beliefs play a major role in how the dream will react. If you latch on to other people trying to convince you that the dream will turn scary if you ask this question, it is more likely to happen since you already have a preconceived notion of the reaction. The truth is, lucid dreaming has no solid rules, and some dream are scarier than others. This should not stop you from exploring and experimenting in the dream space. Experimenting with time and space while lucid is a very common and popular thing to do, and it can be very fun and mind-boggling.  

Testimonials from Reddit users:

“The only answer I got was "don't worry about it"  I was hoping for something more interesting than that”.

“Had a lucid dream last night, asked a dream character the time, the first response I got was “The time doesn’t matter”. Wasn’t satisfied with that, asked the next group I see, the first person said, “32” then the person beside interjected “nah, it’s 26”, both of them laughing as they say it. Didn’t think anything of it till I woke up and realized they were referring to my age”.

“I asked this in a lucid dream last night while in a car full of people, they all turned around and looked at me and it was like a glitch. They then drove the car into a tree and it went black after that”.

“I was lucid in a dream where my family was owning a restaurant. My brothers looked older and more successful. I asked them what year it was and they told me it was 2029, 7 years from when I had this dream. I spent the lucid dream exploring the future and asking them about what our life will be like in 7 years. Now I have to wait and see if it is accurate”.

“I've been starting to lucid dream for the first time and remembered about asking what time it was so I went up to a person and said "what time is it?" Suddenly, everything became quiet for a second then the persons eyes became all back and they started saying "It is approximately 10:31PM”.

“In a dream I immediately ran to the nearest man and blurted out “what time is it” as soon as the words left my mouth everything went grey around me. I was immediately was put into sleep paralysis. Vibrations starting at my face then soared across my whole body. I moaned and groaned until I was able to wake myself”.

“I remembered I was maybe in a dream and remembered to ask the for the time. My girlfriend looked over from the passenger seat and said it was 9:99 with a straight face like it was normal. I let go of the gas and the car pulled itself into a driveway and I woke up”.

“ I realized I was dreaming so I started saying over and over to the people in my dream “what time is it and the date?” and they all turned looked at me with big eyes and started running away from me. I took one by the shoulders and was shaking him asking what time it is and they all just tried to run away from me”.

“While lucid, I asked a little girl with blonde hair the date and she told me it was august, 20th 2020. It puts it into perspective…. I never thought I was dreaming in the past”.

So should you do it?

In conclusion, dreams can be unpredictable and extraordinary, and each dream is unique. Do not have any solid expectations about what may happen when you ask the date and time, or do anything else in a lucid dream. While hearing about other people’s experiences is insightful, it does not define what your experience will be. Try for yourself next time you realize you are dreaming and write about your experience!

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