What is Reality Shifting?
January 31, 2023
May 17, 2023

What is Reality Shifting?

The concept of reality shifting is gaining popularity online in recent years. What is reality shifting, and is it really possible to achieve?

The idea of reality shifting appears to be a novel psychological defense mechanism that gained popularity among young people as a response to the 2020 pandemic. There was not much talk online about reality shifting prior to the pandemic. There are different rituals and methods people use to attempt to shift realities, and it can be done awake or while sleeping.

When people use the term “reality shifting” they are usually referring to one of two things:

Reality shifting in dreams

Reality shifting could mean using your dreams to enter a different world and explore it in the dream space. The idea is that when you become lucid in a dream, you can change the dream scape to visit any place you can imagine! If you are a Harry Potter fan, maybe you want to visit Hogwarts. If you are an anime fan, maybe you want to visit the My Hero Academia world! You can use your dreams to set your desired dreamscape, partake in your favorite movie, go to the moon, Marvel Cinematic Universe, or anywhere you want to experience! With a dream plan and consistent practice, you can certainly achieve this goal while dreaming.

This is the most common way to shift realities and to experience new worlds and environments. It relates to lucid dreaming, which has been proven scientifically and done by dream travelers all around the world. 

Shifting to a completely new life

The second concept of reality shifting is not related to lucid dreaming and implies jumping into a different life or alternate timeline in the waking world. This of course, has not been proven scientifically and is very difficult to measure. Take the movie The Matrix, for example, which depicts that we are living one existence on the surface, but there are multiple realities or dimensions all happening simultaneously.

Being able to move from one dimension to another is a bit difficult to grasp. Some people want to literally shift their lives until they are living in a different reality. Maybe they want to live in a reality where they have a better job, get married, graduate with honors, or whatever they wish to do in life. For some people, reality shifts involve a technique of moving your physical being from current dimensions to another dimension of your choice. They differentiate this from a lucid dream in which you can experience and imagine your fantasies.

Shifting information online relies on the assumption that there are infinite realities, and the act of shifting directs your consciousness to a different reality. Shifting appears to be a combination of meditation, astral projecting, and lucid dreaming. Some people write scripts that detail everything they want to happen in their desired reality. Each shifting script is personal, some people write it down in a notebook while others say it out loud. 

Daily reality shifting

Consider the possibility that we already shift realities on a daily basis, even if we aren't doing it consciously. When you focus on something, you’re giving it energy and attracting it. The more attention you place on your goal, the close you get to achieving it. It sounds simple, but with a domino of cause and effect, you eventually change many aspects of your life one decision at a time.

What many people do not realize is that this idea of shifting is not an overnight magical phenomenon that will instantly transform your life. In fact, we “shift” every second of the day, based on our choices, emotions and actions. Each second of the day either brings us closer, or farther away from your desired reality. The future version of yourself that has your dream job, what did they have to do TODAY to attract that reality? Probably something involving updating your resume or applying for an interview. All the small moments of your day toady add up to the reality you are shifting into tomorrow.  

 Reality is technically mental image experienced by you as the observer. Therefore, when “shifting” realties, you simply move to a different mental image.  

Shifting Methods

There are different rituals and methods people use to attempt to shift realities, and it can be done awake or while sleeping. One method involves meditating for 10 minutes while lying down in a starfish position, counting up to 100 while focusing on your desired reality and saying “I am shifting” as you fall asleep and then wake up in that desired reality.

There are also methods involving scripting, in which you write details of your desired reality on paper to feed your subconscious mind with details about what you intend to experience before going to sleep. Then you essentially fall asleep and wake up in that alternate reality.

As mentioned previously, lucid dreaming is also a common way to shift realities while asleep. If you are not a lucid dreamer, the first step would be to learn how to become lucid and strengthen your dream control skills. Once you are in the dream, try to create a new environment. You could walk up to a door, you tell yourself "when I open this door, I will be in my desired reality."

Alternatively, you can create a portal, you walk through it and hopefully, you will see kind of some elements of your desired reality.

Conclusion: Does reality shifting exist?

Reality shifting or ‘shifting’ is the idea that by using your intention and focusing on a ‘desired reality’ you can actually shift your entire consciousness to a different reality or a different timeline.

There are different beliefs on what reality shifting actually means. If it is related to lucid dreaming, there is evidence that reality shifting within the dream is possible. This is a fun and unique way to experience different worlds!

Some people may be turning to reality shifting as a means to escape their current world. It makes sense that young minds undergoing extreme stress and isolation are likely to wish that escaping to a better world would be possible. However, it is important to not only find positives in your current life, but understand that in order to change your life, you have to put in the work to create the changes you desire.

If you find yourself turning to shifting as a means of escaping reality, this may be a sign that you need to seek professional help. Lucid dreaming can have a positive impact on your mental health. It is important, however, to maintain a healthy balance with reality and not use dreams as a way to escape.

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