Dream Journaling​

Dream Journaling

Dream Journaling

Keeping a dream journal is the basis for any good dream work practice. Even the short abstract dreams are worth recording.  Good dreams can be just as informative as bad dreams; both can be useful instruments for unlocking the creativity that goes unnoticed during your waking life. Some dream journalers sketch what they see, while others prefer to free-write or even use a voice recorder. Experiment with different modes of dream journaling and decide what works best for you

Benefits of recording your dreams include: 

Tips for a good dream journal:

Considering that nearly one-third of our life is passed in a state of slumber, overlooking dreams would mean dismissing a sizable chunk of our existence that is rich in imagery and insights.Dreaming is an inherently subjective and singular experience. This means that the same dream symbol or image can mean different things to different people. It’s important to remember that dreams arise spontaneously from within us and there is no common dream dictionary that applies to everyone. Only the dreamer knows what a dream or its metaphors might mean to you. With this kind of self-inquiry, one dream can have many layers of meaning and can unfold over a period of time.

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