Most Common Dreams and What They Mean
Interpretação de Sonhos
June 3, 2024

Most Common Dreams and What They Mean

The definitions of the most common dreams are not black and white. Dream meanings are presented in a metaphoric fashion. Here we explore the most common dreams and their meanings.

Oneirology, the study of dreams and their interpretations can be complicated. There is no scientific evidence of a universal meaning to dreams despite research suggesting that there are common dream themes between people. But what are those most common dreams? What do they mean? This article is all about the most common dreams and what they mean! Let's find out -

Teeth Falling Out 

Typically, these dreams stem from a fear of rejection, embarrassment, or feeling unattractive. When you miss your teeth, you will find it more difficult to talk. It might be highlighting some difficulty communicating with someone or expressing yourself in some way. It can also relate to a sense of powerlessness as teeth are used to bite, tear and chew. 

Dream About Teeth Falling Out: What Does it Mean?

Being chased 

This dream could suggest that you have a tendency to run away from issues rather than tackle them. This can be a recurring dream until you find the issue and resolve it in your waking life.


Dreaming that you are flying can be a very fun and freeing experience. Dreaming of being able to fly in your dream can be interpreted in many ways. If you are having trouble flying it could represent an area in life where you are being held back. 


Falling is one of the most common dreams! To dream that you are falling into the water may suggest that you have very strong feelings for someone. Falling dreams may also be a result of myoclonic jerks. A myoclonic or hypnic jerk is a muscle twitch that occurs as you are falling asleep and is many times accompanied by a falling dream sensation. 

Dreaming of snakes

Snake dreams have long been discussed by ancient dream experts like Artemideros and even psychoanalysts such as Carl Jung. The meaning of snakes in a dream can vary significantly for people, depending on how they feel about snakes and what role snakes may play in their life. Everyone has different views on snakes. It could be a positive or negative symbol. Snakes could be linked to the feeling of being constricted. More positive meanings include the feeling of change or rebirth due to the shedding of skin. There is an idea from certain cultures that snake venom is transformative.

Types of Dreams

Do you ever experience any of these common dreams? Rest easy knowing it is normal. There are also a few different types of dreams. Let’s explore them.

Recurring dreams

Recurring dreams refer to a dream someone has over and over again. They may be caused by an ongoing unresolved issue or past trauma. Although recurring dreams are a normal part of sleep for most people, they can be stressful. While they can also be pleasant, 77% of recurring dreams are negative. Recurring dreams may be exactly the same every time or only recycle the same scenarios or fears.


We spend around 30% to 50% of our time in daydreams. Daydreaming is when our conscious awareness drifts away from daily life, and into an internal exploration. Slow brain waves, similar to those of deep sleep, appear in the brain right before daydreaming. There are both positive and negative effects of daydreaming. 


Nightmares are frightening dreams that involve intense negative emotions. In children, nightmares are a regular stage of the development process. Most people have nightmares occasionally, but for others, they frequently recur, disrupting sleep and negatively impacting their waking life. 

Lucid dreams

During a lucid dream, you become consciously aware inside the dream, realize you are dreaming and, in some cases, can then control the dream. Lucid dreaming therapy has been known to treat nightmares. There are many useful ways to use lucid dreaming, and it is also a very fun and unique dream experience. Lucid dreaming is a learnable skill. Although some people have lucid dreams naturally and spontaneously, anyone can teach themselves to have more lucid dreams. 

Learn more about lucid dreaming!

False awakenings 

This is a dream state characterized by the perception of waking up in a familiar place, starting a normal morning routine, and then realizing that you’re dreaming. Find our previous article about false awakenings here What are false awakenings and how to handle them (


So these were the most common dreams and their meanings! There is no end to unique dreams and different meanings. Every person dreams based on their own life experience or psychologies. Dream meanings are also subjective to each person! But these most common dreams are dreamed by almost every person out there! 

Amina Mara
Amina is a lucid dreaming expert and the host of The Dream World Podcast.

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